Awal is dedicated to making things better for all people. We were found based on the belief that we need to be faster, smarter and innovative when it comes to developing people, communities, and nations; that is the world’s most urgent need right now. We are not satisfied with slow and conventional growth models and techniques; thus, we have formed together from different sectors, putting technology and innovation first to tackle the world’s hardest problems.

Our openness to testing ideas comes from our people, affiliated organizations, and experts in areas such as information technology, international development, research, e-commerce, finance, and philanthropy that makes us a unique institution that can deliver the highest quality of work under the hardest circumstances. Furthermore, Awal partners with private companies, organizations, governments, and individuals to provide non-conventional solutions to problems. And we think big, about applying lessons learned across all of our projects, about bridging the gap between segregated technical fields and about forging partnerships that unite the world’s best minds to solve its toughest problems.



We believe in quick turnaround from inception to products. What we do plays an important role in the world – reason we exist is the sheer ambition of changing lives quickly, for the better.


we are committed to providing solutions that provide extraordinary results. In order to do that, we cannot afford to work the traditional way. We are successful only when things improve considerably; we celebrate when we get positive results exponentially.


We only commit to work that we are passionate about; if we do not believe that the work has an impact that we will be proud of, we will not take it. But if we do, we will not take it as a job; we will be your most reliable partner who has as much at stake as you do.


We love to collaborate and integrate with different entities, fields of practice, cultures, countries, and personalities. We know we will do better when we have different opinions; we listen to each other and collectively find the best way to do things.

Awal is committed to tackling the world’s challenges with innovative initiatives.