Position: ASEEL Country Manager (Sr. Manager, GD Position)

Reporting: CEO of ASEEL

Duty Location: Kabul, Afghanistan

Compensation: Equity and Salary 

Scope of Work: The ASEEL Country Manager (CM) is the owner of the ASEEL platform operations in Afghanistan; looking after products management, system development, program and strategy related to ASEEL in Afghanistan. The country manager works with the CEO and the rest of the team in AWAL HQ (DC) and other colleagues in Australia, UK and Egypt. Your role with Aseel will be to a) take lead for everything Afghanistan related come up with SOPs, hire/fire people, come up with innovative ways on how we take the platform forward and b) assist the creation, standardization and operations of different areas such as products management, photography, social media, etc and c) mentor the Young Professionals (YPs) and staff to improve on their day to day work.

About ASEEL: ASEEL is the only platform that empowers Afghan artisans to sell their handmade products globally. It has its own custom supply chain, an mobile app, a web platform and many partners and employees. The vision of ASEEL is to become a global platform for handmade goods small businesses all around the world that eliminates poverty and empowers women to live a better life by making handmade goods and selling them globally. Please refer to the AWAL website for activities and stories related to ASEEL.

Qualification of the CM:

  • At least 3 years of management experience, preferably in a successful startup.
  • Understands global trade and has travelled extensively.
  • Loves Afghan handmade products and helping the Afghan artisans.
  • Excellent Written and Verbal Communication in English and local languages
  • The CM is trustworthy, wants to make a difference and is interested in making a change.
  • The CM understand design-thinking and has a keen eye and interest for innovation.
  • The CM is a fast learner, highly creative, driven individual who can work on their own.
  • The CM can last in a fast paced extensive environment.


  • Shortlisted candidates will be called for an interview, if selected a second interview will be conducted to discuss the terms of engagement.


  • The CM is a vital part of the team and will have equity (% of ownership) in the overall project. The % of the equity will be discussed after the selection. This is the major compensation for the CM.
  • The CM as per discussion will be allocated a minimal salary till the growth stage of the startup is achieved. The grade for the position is GD (as per AWALs standard salary guidelines).

How and when to Apply?

Read all the information carefully before applying; If you want to apply send an email with a maximum 2 pages of CV/Resume alogside a one page mandatory (motivation letter) to SMehrabi@ComsisSolutions.com with the subject of the mentioned ASEEL Kabul CM. Selected applicants will be invited for interviews.

The deadline for all CVs to be submitted is August 20th, However, the interviews will be conducted on a rolling basis so do not wait till the last minute.

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