Multimedia Support in Kabul

Deadline: March 10, 2019 


Awal Development is seeking an innovative firm to outsource the multimedia part of

the ASEEL supply chain to. The assignment is an exciting opportunity to work with a global institution to

make an impact in Afghanistan.

About Aseel (The venture). Aseel is an e-commerce platform, providing a gateway to original products

from Afghanistan and plans to expand soon to other regions as well. Built on the belief that originality,

tradition, and craftsmanship are more important than mass produced or imitated products, Aseel offers

a variety of goods from Afghan vendors such as handmade perfumes, original artwork, beautiful clothes,

handmade ceramics, intricate calligraphy, wood and leather work, and more.


Skills Description:


Excellent technical skills in script-writing, Capacity to edit photos

to a high standard, Previous experience, Awareness of and respect for local culture and religious

norms and practices. Ability to complete the assignment within the indicated timeframe. Most

importantly, great communication skills are required for the partnership.


Duties & Responsibilities:


Information about the content/activities requested is mentioned below:

– Understand the ASEEL platform, it’s partners and products to find ways of collaborating to add

value to the platform. The current platform partners include product such as:

o Ceramics

o Leather

o Carpets

o Clothing

o Jewelery

o Art Studio

o Pashmina Maker

o Fine Artists

– The vendor plays an important role for the platform because the imagery will be the first thing

that the clients sees. So, a standard operating procedures (SOPs) should be developed by the

vendor for the different kinds of products; once approved by both parties, the SOPs will go in

practice for all the products that come through the supply chain.

– The vendor should estimate a turnaround time and cost for the operation – given this

acquisition will be sent to multiple parties; the lowest cost technically accepted proposal will be

selected to work with us.

– The first 3 months of the operations are the trial period for standards, quality and turnaround.

ASEEL is at the initial stages of its operations as well and there will be a lot of fluidity in


– All the content created should be withheld to the high definition quality that will be

discussed in first meeting before the start of the activities. Examples of work will be provided for

each category of content that is to be created. All the content should be submitted in both RAW and

final formats at the end of the activities.

– All the content will be owned by AWAL. AWAL will provide access to the partners and

products. However, the production material and all equipment should be used by the content

creator. AWAL is very strict about ownership of the content and legal issues given the international

standards that we follow for protection.


Job Location:


Afghanistan, Kabul




Film-making and digital photography

Fine art/visual art

graphic and media design


Technology/design/animation software development

Web development

3D design/Visul Art