Photographer and Videographer

Job summary

Awal is looking for a Photographer who will be a member of the marketing team at Awal Development and Transformation. The person will be responsible to provide marketing content and stories through capturing photos and videos. The person is expected to be creative enough in producing visual content and be updated in the related fields. Awal is striving to promote its platforms nationally and internationally and the person will do all necessary production tasks for promoting these services. Please see the below list for an initial idea on the areas of responsibilities that will be expected of anyone who fills this vacancy.

Job Description:

  • Be a professional photographer and photo editor
  • Be familiar with flash photography and natural light photography
  • Be a professional videographer and video editor
  • Enhance the subject’s appearance with natural or artificial light
  • Use artistic knowledge to enhance and compose photographs
  • Analyze and plan the composition of photographs
  • Designing/providing social media posts
  • Maintaining and managing photography equipment
  • Managing photography sessions
  • Submitting photos to the appropriate person
  • Archive and manage imagery

Job Requirements:

  • Have earned a bachelor degree in fine art or journalism with 2 years of experience related to the position
  • Familiarity with different photography techniques
  • Familiarity with Adobe software especially Photoshop, Premiere, and illustrator
  • familiarity with basics of graphic designing
  • Excellent written and spoken English language skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills (email, phone, etc.)

Qualifications of Photographer for AWAL LLC

AWAL is a global business with a startup model and an institutional mindset. We hold our entire team to exceedingly high standards of work and output. If hired to fill this position, you will be expected to not only meet the terms of your contract but take ownership of your position and learn where you can take initiative. We also adhere to internationally recognized standards of hiring centered on non-discrimination and merit-based hiring procedures. We will judge each and every candidate solely based on how their resumes and interview results resonate with the position requirements and scope of work; we do not discriminate against potential candidates based on their race, nationality, gender, or any other aspects of identity.

Job Location: Afghanistan, Kabul

Submission Guideline: Please send your C.V to subject of “Photographer and Videographer ” is mandatory. The deadline is the 20th of April 2021.

Submission Email: